What We Do

Speech-Language Pathology Associates, Inc. identifies, evaluates and provides consultation and education to individuals with communication impairments and
swallowing disorders. Therapy is provided using a variety of service models.

The disorders for which these services are provided are:

Auditory Processing Disorder

A difficulty or delay in processing understanding and following orally-presented instructions or questions. These may be children who have trouble paying attention and become distracted easily.

Speech Disorder

Articulation or phonological disorder, difficulty in forming the sounds of speech that causes distortions, substitutions, and/or omission of speech sounds.

Language Disorders

These disorders occur when there is a deficiency in the skills needed to comprehend and express oneself in oral and written channels such as:
language processing,
language-based reading skills,
phonological awareness.

Cognitive Aspects of Communication

These include executive functions, attention, memory and problem-solving.

Sensory Disorders

These may cause problems in other areas of communication.


The ability to speak easily, reasonably quickly and without having to stop and pause frequently.

Oro-Motor Disorder and/or Apraxia of Speech

Affects the ability to sequence speech sounds and initiate speech, due to a problem with the brain’s ability to motor plan the lips, tongue and jaw.