How does speech-language therapy work?

Speech and language skills develop on a continuum. For some children, gaps may occur in the developmental process, causing a delay. An evaluation consisting of formal tests and informal observations provides Speech-Language Pathology Associates, Inc. with information as to where these gaps may be occurring. Therapy is based on filling in the gaps.

In addition to games, and keeping with the rapid advances in technology, Laurie is a certified provider of the following computer-based programs, which are provided in the home:

  • Fast ForWord®
  • The Listening Program®
  • Earobics®
  • DIR/Floortime Approach

Speech and language therapy is usually conducted by playing games, some of which are speech and language specific, while others may be tried and true games that children know and love. These games make the learning experience fun while increasing and improving the child’s speech and language skills.